Hazratganj Aminabad Chowk Bhootnath Alambagh Sarrafa Bazar Chikan Garment Medicine Market
Foam Market Electrical Goods Electronics Goods Bartan Market Aatishbazi Market Sanitary Goods Hardware Items
Dussahri Aam (Mango) Galla Thok (Grain Market) Phoolon Ki Mandi( Flower Market) Machli Bazar (Fish Market)
Sabzi Mandi ( Vegetable Market ) Phalon Ki Mandi (Fruits Market) Khoya Mandi Doodh Ki Mandi(Milk Market)


Hazratganj is the most posh and costly market of Lucknow. Basically in Lucknow Lucknowites prefer to enjoy by spending an evening out in the streets of Hazratganj, commonly it is known as Ganjing. If you are in Lucknow or you are from Lucknow, if you are not doing Ganjing defenetly you are missing the pleasure for being in Lucknow. The beauty of this market is that if you don't have to purchase anything, don't worry you will not be alone in this market, as in this market mostly people prefer just to be there. Generally as this is the No. 1 market of Lucknow, so in terms of price the things are comparatively costly. In case if you want to purchase Costly Branded Items, then Hazratganj is the right place for you. People prefer to do window shopping here. Apart from having good showrooms, this market is having chain of good restaurants, which offer multi cuisine lovely food.


Aminabad is the most preferred market for shopping in Lucknow. This market offers almost anything you want to purchase. The prices in this market are very genuine as compared to the other markets of Lucknow. In Aminabad there are many markets with different speciality to offer, as Mohan Market near Hanuman Temple, Swadeshi Market Opp. Hanuman Temple and Pratap Market near Aminabad Chauraha offers very vast range of garmets. It may be Bridal Wear, Costly Sarees, Designers Kurte/Suits, Chikan Garment or any other thing related to garments which you will find here and with good collection for good selection. If you want to purchase Jewellery Items then Aminbad is the right place for you as almost all the Big Jewellers of Lucknow have their Showrooms in Aminabad. In Aminabad there is a Market called Gadbadjhala, this market offers very good collection of Hoseiry Items, Bangels, Cosmetics and Artificial Jewellery. In Aminabad near main chauraha there is a very good market of Educational Books and Marriage Cards. In terms of fooding Aminabd offers Good Kulfi, Delecious Chat, Famous Desi Ghee Ki Kachauri. Apart from this in Aminabad there are only two-three Eating Points which can provide you the space for sitting.


Chowk is a different kind of Market in Lucknow. As Chowk is the main place of Chikan Garment Manufacturers, so if you want to purchase good quality Chikan Garment, then Chowk is the ultimate place for you. In Chowk there are also very big and Traditional Jewellery Shops, which can offer you a good variety of ornaments. If you are a food loving person then don't miss going Chowk, here you will find the best quality of non-veg food available in Lucknow, Delecious Kabab Paratha of Tunde, Tasty Biryani, A lot of variety of Milk Products(Kesaria Doodh, Thandai, Rabri, Malai, Malai Pan, Garam Doodh etc.)


Bhootnath Market is situated in Indira Nagar. People from Trans Gomti Area perefer to do their shopping in this upcoming market of Lucknow. In broad manner, you can say that Bhootnath Market is the mixture of Hazratganj and Aminabad. In Bhootnath Market you can find Big Showrooms as well as medium range shops. This market provides latest trends and latest brands. In terms of price this Market is costlier than Aminabad and economical than Hazratganj. Bhootnath Market is having few good resaturants also, so you can enjoy Chinese, South Indian, Fast Food and Indian meals in this market.


Alambagh is also a good market. People in this locality prefer to go for shopping in this market. In Alambagh there are Big Jewellery Showrooms. In this market you can purchase almost anything. Pricewise this market is economical. In terms of fooding Alambagh does not have much to offer you.


Sarraf Bazar of Lucknow is situated in Chowk. In this market you will find plenty of Jewellery Shops. In this Bazar you will find almost anything related to Sarrafa.


Wholesale market of Bartans is in Yahiaganj. Here you can purchase lots of Bartan on Wholsale rates.


Wholesale market of Aatishbazi is in Yahiaganj. Here you can purchase variety of crackers on Wholesale rates.


The wholesale market and majority of Chikan Manufacture is in Chowk. So if you want to purchase Chikan Garment in wholesale go to Chowk. In Chowk you will find big showrooms and manufacturers of Chikan Garment in every lanes of Chowk.


In case if you have to purchase medicine for long course, then you can purchase it from wholesale market. It will be much cost effective for you. Medicine Market of Lucknow is situated opposite to Lokpriya Showroom near Hanuman Temple, Aminabad.


In Lucknow the main market of Electrical Goods is situated in Latouche Road (Near Aminabad). Here you will find almost anything related to electrical goods.


If you want to purchase Electronics Items like Transistor, IC, Transformer and other related items, you must go to Naka Hindola(Near Charbagh). In Naka Hindola there is very big market of electronic items. In this market you can also find local and Delhi made Television, Music Systems etc.


Although Hardware Items are easily available all over Lucknow but Gautam Buddh Marg (Near Aminabad) is the biggest market of hardware goods.


In case if you want to purchase Sanitary Items, without any confusion you must go to Shivaji Marg near Hussain Ganj . Shivaji Marg is the market which is having the finest collection of sanitary items. In this market you will find goods from all leading company as well as goods from local markets(economical one).


The biggest Market related to Foam is situated in Maulvi Ganj, Aminbad.


Dussehri Aam is the famous Mango Of Lucknow. If you want to purchase Dussehri Aam in wholesale then it is better you must go to Malihabad. Malihabad is around 20 Km away from main Lucknow. This is the place which produces this delicious Mango. So here you willl find good variety of mangoes in reasonable rates.


If you want to purchase Galla ( Dal, Chawal, Masale etc. ) in wholesale then you must go to Pandey Ganj. Pandey Ganj is near Rakabganj, where Thok Galla Bazar of Lucknow is situated.

If you are fond of Fish(Machli) then in Lucknow you can find it in the following places :
  • Machli Bazar, Quaiserbagh, Near Quaiserbagh Chauraha
  • Machli Bazar, Udai Ganj, Cantt. Road.
  • Machli Bazar, Behind Meera Bai Marg , Narahi.
  • Machli Bazar Gomti Bridge, Nishatganj.

Mandis of Lucknow


Phoolon ki Mandi is in Chowk. If you want to purchase Phool(Flowers) in bulk then go to Chowk, the mandi is situated on road from Chowk Chauraha towards Imambara. The Mandi starts early in the morning, so for better rates and flowers you must go there early. In this market you will find very big difference in rates from general market.

If you have to purchase Sabzi(Vegetables) in bulk, you have following points to buy it :
  • Sabzi Mandi, Dubagga( Near Thakurganj)
  • Sabzi Mandi, Teri Pulia, Kursi Road

In Lucknow Khoya Mandis are at the following points, generally it is available in evening time
  • Khoya Mandi, Kundri, Rakabganj ( Near Nehru Cross)
  • Khoya Mandi, Pan Dareeba, Charbagh ( Near Sudarshan Cinema Hall)

In wholesale, Milk is available at following points, only in early morning
  • Doodh Ki Mandi, Charbagh ( Near Sudarshan Cineam Hall)
  • Doodh Ki Mandi, Polytechnic Chauraha, Near Gomti Nagar

In wholeasle and variety the fruits are available at following points :
  • Phalon Ki Mandi, Qaiserbagh (Near Qaiserbagh Chauraha)
  • Phalon Ki Mandi, Nishatganj (Near 3rd Lane, Nishatganj)
  • Phalon ki Mandi, Chowk